4 Music Crossovers That Should’ve Never Happened

It’s always exciting to hear about artists trying out new boundaries in music. Whether moving from rap to rock or country to pop, it’s been an ongoing trend by artists/bands to reach a whole new demographic or just experiment with a genre they have some interest in. Unfortunately, most of the time, the experimental albums usually fall between adequate to downright terrible. Should the artists/bands be commended for trying out something new and creative or should their material be judged for what it is. While there are occasional gems in the crossover genre, it’s the bad ones that usually stand out among the rest.

The worst of the worst have been chosen by several members of the staff. Do you agree with any of them?


Hip Hop’s Pick: Lil Wayne’s rock album “Rebirth”

Yo, I’m just gonna say this. This album was straight trash. I mean the bottom of the trash can, sticking to old banana peels and pieces of gum. Man, what happened to Wayne?! Not a single redeemable track on this album! It can’t decide whether it’s rock, rap, rap-rock, or rock-rap, but even if it did, it still wouldn’t be good. No dopeness!

Techno & Dubstep’s Pick: Britney Spears’s going EDM on “Hold It Against Me” 


YEUGHHH! There’s nothing worse than musicians who know NOTHING about EDM and then try to make their songs “EDM.” This wasn’t the only time Britney Spears tried to do EDM in her songs, which we hoped would be her last. It got Dubstep holding himself in the corner of the room for 3 hours! It was the longest he’s every stayed still!

Metal’s Pick:  Lou Reed & Metallica’s Alt. Rock-Heavy Metal album “Lulu”

I just……….no. No. No. No. No. Listen to the video above and you’ll know why. Ugh. Metallica, how the mighty have fallen.

Scene’s Pick: Fall Out Boy trying out the rap genre with “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark”

Even though I loved 2 Chainz’s cookbook, he needs to STAY away from my Fallout Boy!!!! I knooooow it’s just a remix, but why do they need to add a rapper on a song that was already good. It’s like adding mud to an ice cream sandwich!


142 thoughts on “4 Music Crossovers That Should’ve Never Happened

  1. Carson Overholt

    The fall out boy song wasn’t already good, it was pop-trash. Take this to your grave was a great album, save rock and roll was terrible. Both version of “my songs know” were bad, deal with it scene kids, and stay away from my pop-punk bands. 🙁

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