Keeping It In the Family: 5 of our Favorite Youtube Artists!!!
Cimorelli Best

This week we here at MyMusic were thrilled to learn that the YouTube Music Awards will be taking place in New York next month. In light light of this amazing news, the staff has handpicked their current favorite YouTube musical artists!

Scene’s Pick: Cimorelli

As an honorary Cimorelli sister I continue to be in awe of my super talented “siblings.” Cimorelli’s covers are still some of the best on YouTube and their original music keeps getting more and more amazing! I am so looking forward to watching the official “Made in America” music video a million more times!!!

Nerdcore’s Pick: MC Frontalot

This was a difficult pick, but it’s hard to argue against the guy who created the greatest Voltron rap video ever! My only complaint when it comes MC Frontalot, he needs to make more videos!

Country’s Pick: Gregory Brothers

We all know and love of the Gregory Brothers from Autotune the News, but when these guys perform au natural, there ain’t nothing better! Case in point: their country cover of Miley’s “Wrecking Ball,” is, dare I say, better than the original.  See for yourself!

Metal’s Pick: Charlie Parra del Riego

I always thought Peru’s music scene only consisted of lame flute music (brace yourself for Intern 2’s pick), but Charlie Parra del Riego has proved me wrong. This metal guitar genius has been kicking serious ass on YouTube, metalifying crap like Bruno Mars songs (your welcome, Indie) and making it headbangable! Of course, Charlie slays hardest when he sticks to the classics.  His “Top Ten Rock and Heavy Metal Licks” video blew my mind and my eardrums!

Intern 2’s Pick: Mrs. Jean

Mrs. Jean has established herself as the master of recorder tutorials on YouTube, and with good reason. Just watch her teach “The Star Spangled Banner” and you’ll see what I mean.


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