Bieber Does Not Pass Go, Does Not Collect $200!
Justin Bieber Mugshot 2

Following in the footsteps of Madea, Ernest, and nearly every teenage celebrity before him, Justin Bieber has gone to jail. The Biebs was arrested early this morning in Miami for driving under the influence, driving with an expired license, drag racing, and resisting arrest.

Who saw this coming? Probably everyone in the entire galaxy.

(FYI, that pic was Nerdcore’s choice, not mine!)

Bieber was pulled over at 4:19 a.m. after cops witnessed him drag racing his yellow Lamborghini against a red Ferrari. Apparently someone’s been watching too much F&F. RIP Paul Walker!

When officer Fulgencio Medina approached Bieber, the Biebs responded, “Why the f— are you doing to this me?” According to Officer Medina, Bieber was visibly intoxicated, which is scary because someone could have been seriously hurt!

Earlier this week, after Bieber’s silly little urinating in the snow incident, which followed the egging incident, which followed the drug incident, which followed the prostitute incident, I warned the Biebs that he’s getting close to the Lindsay Lohan Zone. We’ll it looks like he’s finally arrived!

And no, that is definitely not a good thing! I know there have been rumors that Bieber’s friends and family have been urging him to go to rehab. Sadly, judging by the expression in his mugshot, he still doesn’t understand how out of control he is. Hopefully he’ll get the message before it’s too late!

Will Bieber finally learn his lesson after getting arrested? Let know in the comments below!


6 thoughts on “Bieber Does Not Pass Go, Does Not Collect $200!

  1. Cedar Sims

    Personally I think it was because he became a star too early in life. Since he got what he wanted all the time when he was just a teen we’re now seeing the results and since celebrities are never fully punished and can get away with a lot of things, Justin thinks he can do whatever he wants without getting in actual trouble. Justin needs a good reality check.

  2. Emily Bennett

    I’m pretty sure everyone saw this coming. This will definitely snap him back to reality and he will someday right his wrongs … hopefully. But when he gets out, Jelena will probably be “never ever ever getting back together”!

  3. MyMusician!

    I think it’s terrible.. Beliebers are calling it bullying but it’s not. If anyone else that’s not famous does it then they are seen as a terrible person. This is no different

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