Black Flag to Release First New Album in Nearly 30 Years
black flag

Fans of MyMusic are well aware I admire the work of Black Flag. So I was pleased as punch blended by a licensed mixologist to learn that the band (or at least the 1979 iteration of the band) will be releasing an album on November 5 called What The …


I can only assume the album’s music won’t be as terrible as the cover art. I mean seriously, that looks like something Scene doodled after eating too many Starbursts.

Unfortunately the album won’t feature Henry Rollins or original vocalist Keith Morris, but it’s hard to cry over a lineup comprising of Greg Ginn, Gregory Moore, Ron Reyes, and Dave Klein (love that guy).

While Rollins has expressed little interest in rejoining Black Flag it will probably be a even longer time coming before Morris rejoins the band. Ginn recently tried and failed to file an injunction against Morris, who is currently touring with other former Black Flag members as FLAG. Litigation is so not punk rock!

Are you excited for a Black Flag comeback album? Let us know in the comments below!


161 thoughts on “Black Flag to Release First New Album in Nearly 30 Years

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