Daily Roundup: 10 Million 1D Fans Can’t Be Wrong!
One Direction story

(VIA COUNTRY) One Direction’s “Story of My Life” debuted yesterday and it’s already surpassed 10 million views! Those guys ain’t go away anytime soon. [YouTube]

1D’s predecessors ‘NSYNC reunited on Saturday at boy band member Chris Kirkpatrick’s wedding. Congrats, Chris … on convincing Justin Timberlake to attend. [MTV]

(METAL) I had less than zero interest in Morrissey’s “Autobiography” until I heard the Governor from “The Walking Dead” would be reading the audiobook. Now my interest has risen to zero. [SPIN]

Vampire Weekend cancelled three shows in Europe “due to unforeseen circumstances.” We’ll assume it had nothing to do with a broken 60 foot LCD screen. [NME]

(VIA SCENE) Austin Mahone gave us a pre-Halloween scare when he was rushed to the hospital last month after suffering a blood clot in his throat. But in an interview with “Rolling Stone” Austin indicated he’s on the road to recovery saying, “I’m feeling a lot better…” Phew! [RS]


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