Daily Roundup: Bieber Sorry About Argentine Flag Incident
Bieber Argentine

(VIA METAL) Justin Bieber apologized for kicking the Argentine flag. Good for you, Justin. Now how about an apology for your awful music? [RS]

Arcade Fire announced the dates for the their 2014 arena tour. The goodwill that Indie built for them is now gone.  [AF]

(VIA INDIE) Jack White is spearheading a Thanksgiving food drive, organizing an exchange of limited edition vinyl for turkeys. This just might be the greatest charity ever. [CoS]

Miley Cyrus claims that she decided to smoke a joint at the EMAs because she thought it would be “really funny,” probably because she was really stoned. [StarPulse]

(VIA NERDCORE) Chris Brown checked out of his rehab facility. Hide your kids, hide your wife … [MTV]