Daily Roundup: Breaking Badfinger (NO SPOILERS … WE PROMISE!!!)

Thanks to “Breaking Bad,” Badfinger’s “Baby Blue” is set to become the new “Don’t Stop Believin’.” Karaoke bars beware! (WARNING … SPOILERS IN THIS LINK!!!)  [Billboard]

[VIA IDOL] “Walking on Air,” Katy Perry’s second single off her Prism album was released today and it’s definitely a club anthem in the making. After all I’ve been through the last few weeks I thought I was done with dancing, but after listening to “Walking on Air” 17 times in a row, I had to reconsider.  [YouTube]

“X-Factor” judge Demi Lovato will hit the road (as in touring, not leaving “The X Factor”) beginning February 9 in Vancouver. Just remember, she was a bad girl way before Miley. [MTV]

[VIA INDIE] Arcade Fire followed their appearance on an SNL with a bizarre, 22 minute Roman Coppola-directed performance film. A noble effort, Arcade Fire, but you’re still on my list. [YouTube]

Vampire Weekend (don’t get Indie started on them) ran into One Direction at the VMAs. Hilarity ensued. [EW]



162 thoughts on “Daily Roundup: Breaking Badfinger (NO SPOILERS … WE PROMISE!!!)

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