Daily Roundup: JT Experiences Grammy Snub!
Justin Timberlake Grammy

(VIA COUNTRY) Justin Timberlake may have earned seven Grammy nominations, but none of them were for album of the year. I’ll discuss travesty more tomorrow! [LAT]

“Saturday,” Rebecca Black’s long awaited follow-up to “Friday” earned nearly 10 million views in two days. Her appearance on MyMusic probably had something to do with it. [YouTube]

(VIA NERDCORE) Justin Bieber is collaborating with Lil’ Wayne, Future, and Big Sean because apparently he wants to ruin hip hop. [MTV]

Macaulay Culkin has a pizza-themed Velvet Underground parody band. Sounds cheesy!!!!! [SPIN]

(VIA TECHNO & DUBSTEP) Cut Copy will be heading back on the road in 2014. Dubstep and I definitely suggest that you check them out! [CoS]



2 thoughts on “Daily Roundup: JT Experiences Grammy Snub!

  1. Matias Ristaino

    Justin Bieber not only wants to ruin Hip Hop… His objetive is destroy our mind with his eeehh… I want to say “music”, but I’m not sure.
    The Saturday song… I have nothing against Rebecca Black, but I guess that she shouldn’t keep making music, or at least, maybe she needs to think a little more what is doing.

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