Daily Roundup: Miley Cyrus Unplugged!

(VIA METAL) Miley Cyrus is doing MTV Unplugged. If only we could unplug her permanently. [YouTube]

Nine Inch Nails, Queens of the Stone Age, Dave Grohl, and Lindsay Buckingham will perform together for the Grammys finale. That is one very super group. [EW]

(VIA SCENE) The Lonely Island teamed up with Tegan and Sara for a song from the Lego Movie called “Everything Is Awesome!!!” It sure is!!!! [SoundCloud]

Lorde’s younger sister India released her first single. Thankfully her talent level is more Solange than Ashlee Simpson. [CoS]

(VIA INDIE) Slowdive are rumored to be reuniting. You’ve probably never heard of them. [Guardian]