Daily Roundup: OMG It’s 2014!!!
Gaga Christina

Let’s kick off the New Year with an all YouTube edition of the Daily Roundup!!!

(VIA COUNTRY) Lady Gaga released the studio version of her “Do What U Want” remix. Let me tell u, Christina Aguilera is no R. Kelly, and that’s definitely a good thing! [YouTube]

Miley ended 2013 on a relatively time note. Is this a sign of things to come? [YouTube]

(VIA SCENE) Ke$ha’s “Dirty Love” video unfortunately lives up to its name. She might just out-Miley Miley in 2014. [YouTube]

Foster the People has a new single. Are you sure we didn’t just go back in time? [YouTube]

(VIA INDIE) My favorite thing about Rainn Wilson’s interview with Win Butler is Wilson’s epic beard. Sorry folks, Dwight Schrute is officially dead.[YouTube]