‘Freeze Em’ All’: Metallica Rocks Antarctica!

They came. They saw. They kicked ass! Metallica conquered their seventh continent yesterday, playing under a dome in Ant-freakin’-artica!


The lucky crowd that bore witness to this historic event consisted of 120 science nerds from across the world and fans that scored tickets through a Coke Zero promotion. Sometimes exclusively drinking apple juice isn’t a good thing.

The band played a short but sweet 10 song set consisting mostly of classics like “One,” “Nothing Else Matters,” and “Enter Sandman.”

Because of all those nerds in attendance (and international law that prevents messing with nature in Antarctica) Metallica wasn’t allowed to use amplification. Those in attendance were given headphones so they can listen along.

Metallica did a live-stream for the event which was cool because I was able to check them out in a warm place, but which sucked, because that place was my home where my wife and daughter also live.

The band posted on their Facebook page, “This was the most unique show Metallica has ever done … The energy in the little dome was amazing! Words can not describe how happy everyone was.”

Except some sort of special release of the concert in the near future.

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