Goodbye ‘Glee’: Next Season Will Be Show’s Last!!!
Glee ending

The end is near, for “Glee,” that is, as the show will come to close after next year’s sixth season. I am totally feeling the opposite of glee right now.

The show’s co-creator Ryan Murphy made the announcement last night during an event honoring the FX Network (Murphy is also the co-creator of “American Horror Story” … boy that show is spooky!) making the end of “Glee” official.

Truth be told, the show just hasn’t been the same without the late Cory Monteith, whose character Finn got an emotional sendoff last week. Actually, things started to go downhill once some of my favorite members of the New Directions (I won’t name names) graduated from McKinley.

That’s not to say I’m no longer a Gleek, because I totally am and I definitely look forward to watching what the show has in store for the rest of season five and its final season.  There’s no question “Glee” will forever be enshrined in my TV hall of fame!

Are you happy “Glee” is ending next season or do you think it should keep going? Let us know in the comments below!


143 thoughts on “Goodbye ‘Glee’: Next Season Will Be Show’s Last!!!

  1. Tiffany Leigh

    I’ll be honest, I liked Glee in the beginning because I could relate to the stuff they dealt with while I am struggling with high school. However after the first few seasons it just went way off the fact of typical high school issues and I started to get bored with it. Yeah its a shame the series is ending but hey all good things come to an end.

  2. Matthias Wichert

    For us Germans the show has been over for quite a while now – since Season 4 started A COUPLE OF MONTHS AGO it’s only available on Pay TV. And most Germans don’t have Pay TV…

  3. Bassel A.K.

    I watch Glee because I loved the first 2 seasons but then it got worse and worse. Ending it would actually save it some dignity in its fans eyes. Thank you Country for sharing this!

  4. Ryan Bayne

    I’m in the same graduating class as the main kids from glee, and I love the show, so I’m disappointed to see it go… but I’ve gotten used to tv shows ending, I dealt with 4 series finales in september this year, and one of them was my favorite show.

  5. Love Jayda

    I used to LOOOVE Glee, but as the show went on all of the Minority characters became caricatures. Like, why does everything the Asian kids say have to be about them being Asian? Why are the black characters stereotypically sassy and “ghetto?” Why are the gay characters always feminine? The minority characters never get any problems that don’t have anything to do with their race or sexual orientation, like they aren’t normal people. This does not represent the real world at all like glee claims it wants to represent. Also, Glee has a way of making people think the Glee version is the real version if they sing a song that isn’t mainstream, bringing less attention to the artist. As a minority and music lover I’m glad the show is ending.

  6. Joseph Ferri

    I’m glad glee is finally ending. They ruined the songs I love and made the songs I hate worse than they already are. Guys let’s forget about the show and move on.

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