So I’ve heard of some ridiculous things, but, oh boy, this one might just be up there with the zaniest of them. Canadian artist Grimes AKA Claire Boucher recently released a list of needs and wants, which really just sounded like a bunch of whining, for her backstage required items. Usually, the average musician will have awesome things on their rider, which is the official name for this list, from big jugs of OJ, lots of hair gel, and, of course, a giant buffet consisting of giant portions of meat. Actually scratch that being for the average musician. Only the truly amazing musicians can request ALL of those things.

With a name as cool as Grimes I’d think she’d at least request to have at least one awesome request on her rider. NOPE! Check it out below to see what I’m talking about.

Alright, so the eco-friendly thing is whatever, but only local, organic food, specific types of candy, and no styrofoam! Styrofoam is awesome! Everyone knows that drinks at concerts in styrofoam cups are the best! Ugh. Since when did musicians become so picky? I remember the glory days with Jars of Vomit when we slept on dirt and if one of us dropped a burger on the ground, if someone picked it up before the next day, it was fair game.


Oh, forgot to mention that Grimes also ordered having a cute animal, either a small bulldog or a chinchilla had to be backstage to calm her before the show. SAY WHAAAAT?? Who wants to be calm before a show?! UGH. These new age kids don’t know anything about having fun anymore.




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