Ground Control to Lorde: You’re Awesome!

Serious question: who doesn’t LOVE Lorde??? I mean 2 put out a debut as amazing as Pure Heroine when you’re only 16 years old … MIND BLOWN!!!

You know who else thinks that’s incredible? DAVID BOWIE!!!!!

I love David Bowie as much as I love Lorde. I know I don’t talk about him as much as I should but without Bowie and his crazy music and style there probably wouldn’t be a My Chemical Romance or a Panic! At the DIsco.

How awful would that be???

Well, Bowie, aka the Thin White Duke, has given Lorde his blessing. In an interview with “Rookie” Lorde reveals that she came face 2 face with Bowie and he told her, “Listening to you felt like listening to tomorrow.”

Obviously, Lorde was super thrilled 2 hear that. “I was like…I could creatively die and just be happy forever,” Lorde said about the encounter.  “I never tell anyone about that experience, because it meant so much to me, and I feel like it would be dulled or something if I always talked about it in magazines or whatever. It’s my special thing.”

Hopefully this means a possible Lorde/David Bowie collaboration in the near future! That would be soooo coooollll!!!!!

Would you want to hear a Lorde/David Bowie collaboration? Let us know in the comments below!