IDOL’s 2013 VMAs Blog!

WE’RE LIVEEEE EVERYONE!!!!! It’s only the preshow still, but sound off your comments below about the fashion, music, and everything in between at VMAs!!!! I’ll be responding to comments and begin my LIVVVEEE BLOGGING when the show starts in half an hour!!! AHHHHHHH SO GLAD YOU ALL ARE HERE!!!!!



(5:40 PM) Hey everyone!!!! Testing out my live blogging! LOOOOOOOVED Ariana’s preshow performance and Katy’s dress. Can’t wait for it to start!!!!


(5:44 PM) Is it me or is One Direction all grown up already?


(5:48 PM) Jared Leto sighting! Don’t tell Scene!


(5:52 PM) Has anyone seen Kanye and Kim yet? I’m starting to get worried!


(5:58 PM) Taylor’s hair is looking all sorts of classy! Lovin’ the look, girl!




(6:06) Gaga just changed through every color of the rainbow in her costumes. I love it!


(6:07) Thought it was NSYNC, but One Direction just decided to grow up all of a sudden.


(6:09) GO SELENA! Miley’s going to be so mad!!




(6:20) Whew! TV fixed itself just in time for Miley’s performance! WAIT, ROBIN??!


(6:27) I have to say….low calorie milkshakes and VMAs are destined to be together.


(6:35) Not gonna lie, I just choked a bit on my popcorn from Kevin Hart’s jokes!


(6:39) Found you Kanye!


(6:43) I hope Justin can perform before I have to leave ๐Ÿ™


(6:48) Techno and Dubstep would be losing their glowsticks over this….


(6:53) Too much talking! Not enough performance!


(6:55) Late congrats to Tay Tay for her win! I’ve been too busy live blogging!!


Thanks again to all you guys and gals who followed my live blog!! I wish I could stay with you all for the whole show, but I have more posts to work on and beauty sleep to catch up on. You will all be definitely be getting a full report from me tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚

Feel free to keep on commenting and ……..OMG JT!!!



137 thoughts on “IDOL’s 2013 VMAs Blog!

  1. Idol

    I only have 30 MINUTES left everyone ๐Ÿ™

    Even when I leave, feel free stay and converse with your fellow MyMusicians, and I might answer some of your comments later ๐Ÿ™‚

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