Jury Sides With AEG in Michael Jackson wrongful death case

A Los Angeles jury determined today that AEG Live, the company behind Michael Jackson’s ill-fated “This Is It” tour was not liable for the death of the King of Pop.

Jackson’s family, including his mother Katherine and children Prince Michael I, Paris, and Prince Michael II (better known as Blanket) sued AEG for hiring Dr. Conrad Murray, the doctor who administered the lethal dose of the sleeping aid propofol that was determined to have taken the singer’s life.

Although the jury agreed that the death of Jackson was a tragedy that could have been avoided, they did not feel AEG was ultimately to blame.  Even though AEG hired Murray, the Jury determined that he was competent when he administered the propofol and AEG had no reason to believe that Murray would be a danger to Jackson.

The conclusion of the five month trial brings an end to yet another sad chapter in the life and death of Michael Jackson. Such a shame.

What did you think of the jury’s decision? Let us know in the comments below.


361 thoughts on “Jury Sides With AEG in Michael Jackson wrongful death case

  1. Love Jayda

    I agree with the ruling. I think people need to stop looking for people to blame for Michael’s death, especially unrelated people like AEG. Why are you suing a company for hiring a doctor who made a mistake? I mean, a it was a lethal one, but it was still a mistake.

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