Kanye Goes Full Kanye During Kimmel Showdown
Kanye Kimmel Interview

I’ve probably watched Jimmy Kimmel’s interview with Kanye West at least 15 times since it aired last night and I’m still not sure what the heck happened! I would barely even call it an interview, as the majority of the nearly 25-minute exchange was just Kanye sounding off on anything that popped into his head.

Much of his focus was on music, fashion, and the fact that he’s a genius. Kanye, I really enjoy your music, but “genius” is a word reserved for truly exceptional people. Like this guy:

Meanwhile, Kimmel had no idea what to do. Although the two were civil, Kimmel could barely get a word in as Kanye touched upon seemingly a billion different topics ranging from Michael Jackson to Gucci loafers to Paula Deen.

At least things are all good between Kanye and Kimmel. Kimmel gave Kanye a pair of leather jogging shorts for his baby, North West, and everything was all good in the studio. Quite frankly, if I never watch a Kanye “interview” again, I’ll probably be better off. That was exhausting!

If you want to jump down the rabbit hole and experience the Kanye/Kimmel insanity for yourself, here you go. But don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Did the Kanye interview live up to the hype? Let us know in the comments below!


334 thoughts on “Kanye Goes Full Kanye During Kimmel Showdown

  1. N Castillo

    Great article Nerdcore! I love that you’re being your true self but honestly, do you think Kanye should do the same? Or Miley? Or Amanda Bynes? I think I’m gonna go with NOOOO. >~<

    1. Nerdcore

      I had a friend who was obsessed with Clannad! Haven’t watched THAT much, but my favorite character has to be Tomoya. He’s just too dope!

  2. Julie Pratt

    North West? Really? That’s almost as bad as Candace Cane or Theodore Bear. You might as well name your kid “Kick My Ass.” Honestly.

    Off topic, Nerdcore, have you ever watched “Ah! My Goddess”? If so, which of the characters is your favorite?

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