Katy Perry Takes Twitter Title From Bieber!
Katy Perry Queen

While Justin Bieber was making friends with South American ladies of the night, Katy Perry was busy gaining enough Twitter followers to make her the most popular person on the site.


Though the numbers are in constant flux, Katy (as of this post) has over 46,562,800 followers while Bieber is just barely over the 46,526,400 mark.

Katy is currently riding high with the top album and the number two song while Bieber has been doing some riding of his own that’s not really helping his fan appeal. Remember the days when the Biebs was just a young, innocent cutie patootie?

Seems so long ago!

I guess now’s a good time to plug my Twitter account, @MyMusicCountry. I’m only a few million followers away from the top. And if karma hadn’t got in the way, I just might have gotten close!

I also want to take the time to acknowledge that even though Katy holds the Twitter crown, my identical cousin Idol remains the undisputed Queen of Social Media. You’ll always be a royal to me, cousin!

Who is your favorite celebrity to follow on Twitter? Let us know in the comments below.


147 thoughts on “Katy Perry Takes Twitter Title From Bieber!

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