Lady Gaga’s Going Home … To Space!!!
Lady Gaga Alien

“Us Weekly,” the most important periodical of our day, just broke Earth shattering yet totally expected news: Lady Gaga will be performing in space! I am so jealous. What if she runs into George Clooney???

Gaga is set to take flight on a Virgin Galactic spacecraft in early 2015 so she has plenty of time to prepare for her family reunion. Because she’s an alien (hey, at least I didn’t call her a man).

The performance will be in conjunction with New Mexico’s Zero G festival, which according “US Weekly” is a three day hi-tech [music festival].” Count me in. Maybe I’ll pick up a bucket of Los Pollos Hermanos while I’m there.

The magazine also quotes a source who said Gaga “has to do a month of vocal training because of the atmosphere.” Sounds intense! But I’m sure Gaga has the testicular fortitude to handle it. Karma’s gonna bite me in the butt for that one.

Scene thinks Gaga’s galactic voyage may have been inspired by her upcoming Thanksgiving collaboration with the Muppets.

I’m not so sure considering the Muppets are puppets and never actually went to space, but don’t tell Scene that!

Would you travel to space to see Lady Gaga perform? Let us know in the comments below!



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