Metallica to Play Antarctica? Say What???

Only a group of bad asses like Metallica would have the cojones to hold a concert in Antarctica, but it looks like the band will be rocking out on the frozen continent this December. If the rumors are true, that would be the craziest thing to go down in the ice and snow since the White Walkers rose in the North!

Apparently, Coke Zero is holding a contest in a handful of Colombian cities for the chance to win tickets to a mystery concert in Antarctica. Back in September, Lars Ulrich told a San Francisco radio station, “there’s a very interesting thing coming our way in December … There’s another frontier heading in Metallica’s direction in December.” You connect the dots …

I have no idea why the contest is only being held in Colombia. Maybe it has something to do with the country’s history with snow!

BOOM! I’ve got jokes!!! But seriously, if there are any Colombian MyMusic fans who are able to score some tickets, you should definitely bring me along. Hell, I would go to Antarctica even if Metallica wasn’t playing. Anything to get me away from crazy wife and daughter!

Just kidding.  My family is the best. Love you Tina and Rayna.

(I’m not kidding!)

Would you travel to Antarctica to see Metallica? Let us know in the comments below!