Miley’s No Longer Engaged, So what?
Miley Liam

Normally I wouldn’t be writing about something as trivial as Miley Cyrus breaking off her engagement with Liam Hemsworth but unfortunately Idol is currently incapacitated and she instructed me to cover any Miley news if she was unable do so. Well, I am a man of my word.

But honestly, is this actually news? Even I saw this coming and you couldn’t find a person on Earth who has less interest in anything involving Miley Cyrus.  Yes, Miley’s father wrote a terrific song, but that still doesn’t excuse the fact that she’s a hussy who needs to keep her clothes her on. Sorry, it needed to be said.

Hopefully Idol will recover from her ailment soon so I can devote my time writing about more pressing issues like who will replace Ben Bernake as chairman of the Federal Reserve? My money’s on Janet Yellen!


Now she’s a role model we can all look up to, am I right?

Do you agree with Intern 2 about whether Miley’s breakup is news? Do you also agree with Intern 2 about whether Janet Yellen will be the new Fed chair? Let him know know in the comments below. 


303 thoughts on “Miley’s No Longer Engaged, So what?

  1. Tony Flood

    What the heck. She broke the engagement? I doubt that. If the girl I was engaged to started acting half as bad as this girl I’d break the engagement and convince her to seek professional help.

  2. Jakob Barnes

    Honestly, I think that anything involving 2 celebrities in love is just an act from the music industry for popularity and money. In other words, anything involving celebrity love birds is most likely not news. Unless if it’s a famous women in love with a hillbilly. That’s shocking celebrity news. Pointless, but still news.

  3. Joi Isak

    It doesn’t surprise me really, she is going through a crazy faze and she is not the shining example of a stable, dependable, responsible human being. To be a Wife and Marriage “PARTNER” is a hard job. She has to be there for him and support him just as much as he would support her.
    Personally I feel like the general public should keep our noses out of her/their relationship problems because everyone has those. But at the same time we can learn from this that it’s not a good idea to get engaged or even think about serious relationship until we have finished ALL of our self discovery.


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