Back in the day, Nelly was one of the hottest acts in Hip-Hop coming out with mega hits like “Hot in Herre” and “Air Force Ones” along with selling albums like hotcakes (never really got that comparison to think about it). Nowadays though, Nelly’s stuck in the struggle traffic. His past few albums have sold way under what anyone would have expected him to get a decade ago to the point that people have started to forgot who he is entirely. Honestly, his rapping skills have diminished tremendously. My cure for that? A couple of days of training in a hyperbolic time chamber. Goku style. You still have those old rhyming skills from your past, Nelly! You must train!

Nelly just revealed that he believes that Miley Cyrus will be the next Madonna. Is he really telling the truth or is he just trying to convince people to buy BANGERZ so people will eventually get to his feature on the album and make him relevant to the Hip-Hop community? Methinks so.

Miley as the next Madonna is a little bit bonkers. I’m no Madonna fan or anything, but she’s always been known as the upper echelon of the pop music genre. Miley Cyrus as the upper echelon? Not so much. Yeah, she’s always in the news and what not, but I highly doubt she’ll be remembered as being on the same level as Madonna. Nelly, you sly dog. It’s time to get relevant the right way, actually making a good album.



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