Rumor mill time, everyone! Fresh out of the oven news, Rihanna hinted at recording a “monster” hook for one of her favorite artists. Her tweet said:

“Just left the studio… Recorded a hook for one of my favorite artists! And that’s all I can give you…”

So cryptic! With my highly effective Twitter deciphering skills, I’ve determined that she recorded a hook with………………LADY GAGA! You heard it hear first, ok maybe not, but I’m definitely the first to confirm that the two WILL be collaborating! Not Kanye, not Britney Spears, and not Katy Perry like all the other tabloid papers are rumoring! I am putting all my money on Lady Gaga, people and I’ll tell you why!

The first obvious one is the hashtag! Monster! Which, of course, screams Lady Gaga! It’d be easy to guess that the answer would be Katy Perry since they are total besties, but I’ve got a feeling that would be WAAAYYYY too obvious! Also, how have Rihanna and Katy Perr NOT released a song together already? We’re waiting……

Usually there wouldn’t be such huge news over just a hook, but with Rihanna, we know it’ll be nothing less than classic. I mean remember Umbrella? ELLA ELLA AY AY AY!!! So catchy! So don’t forget who to thank when Lady Gaga announces her duet with Rihanna, ME!!!!!

How many of you think I’ll be right? Let me know in the comments below!



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