Want Your Own Personal Music Video? Here It Is!

Electronic pop band Big Data recently released an interactive music video that pulls data from the viewer’s personal Facebook page to create a unique video for each viewing. Anything from photos to statuses posted on Facebook are used as the materials for the music video, showing each viewer how much data they have stored on your. After connecting to Facebook, it takes your page, blows it up, and turns it into a hawk.

The hawk is created in real-time in your browser, formed from photos and status updates posted since the beginning of your Facebook life, floating around and shuffling into place to create the bird.

OOOOOOOOOOHHHH A TECHNO MUSIC VIDEO HAWK?!?! PLURRRRRR. I wonder if Dubstep and my hawk will look very similar. Maybe they can fly together and go on the PLURest adventures spreading dance and raving around the WORRRRLLD!!!! I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Anyways I loooooove the idea of my own personal music video that changes every day!

It’s a very creative idea that brings a whole new experience to  the way that music videos are portrayed today. It’s not surprising that it came from an ELECTRONIC band too ;). Maybe next time they’ll make a music video with a TWITTER TECHNO DRAGON!!! WOW!

What do you think about this new interactive form of music videos? Do you think it’ll be something that more bands will use or do you think it’s just a gimmick? Dubstep can’t stop watching his personal Facehawk music video and forgot to do our most important task at the office today. DANCING! I don’t blame him though, I’ve already watched mine 50 TIMES. Ayaya!

The link to the Facehawk video is below, and let me know how YOUR hawk turns out in the comments!