Where’s The Love, Grammys?!

Whaddup Nerdfighters and Hip-Hop fans!! It’s your boy, Nerdcore! Before I get into any sort of rant, I just wanted to thank you guys for all the love for my Death Note cosplay on today’s episode of the documentary. I can tell you guys are true fans, and the feels became real after I read all your tweets and Youtube comments about my cosplay. Ohhhhh, you guys!!!

Back to what this article is really about, the Grammys. Of course, with every awards year in any sort of entertainment industry, there’s always someone complaining about a snub or that the awards were completely biased. (I will say that the last “good” Academy Awards was when Lord of the Rings:Return of the King won Best Picture. What an amazing moment for all us Nerdfighters and Tolkien fans.) I’ve gotta use this opportunity to put my ten cents in and let the Grammy committee know that they’ve been completely IGNORING the Hip-Hop genre for years!!!

Do you know when the last time a Hip-Hop album won Album of the Year? 2004!!! A DECADE!! Here’s another question. How many hip-hop albums in total have won Album of the Year. TWO!! JUST TWO!!! Sigh.


I know that Hip-Hop as a musical genre is relatively young, but there have been some great albums in Hip Hop that have come out and weren’t even NOMINATED for Album of the Year, but I don’t have time to get all into that. The nominations have been worse than watching all the Matrix sequels, skipping the first one, and watching the sequels all over again.

This year we’ve got two amazing Hip-Hop albums nominated for album of the year, The Heist and good kid, m.a.a.d city. Grammy Committee, it’s time to stop taking that blue pill that’s been keeping you in a fantasy world where good Hip-Hop albums aren’t deserving of Album of the Year!!!!! Wake up!