Hear Them Now: Omar Souleyman
Omar Souleyman

You may recall, or rather, should recall that I wrote about Omar Souleyman’s standout performance at the FYF Fest and proclaimed it my favorite live moment of the year.

While it’s normally difficult to get a festival full of people of my ilk to dance, Souleyman knows a thing or two about working a crowd. For years, he made a name for himself as Syria’s most celebrated wedding performer.

In fact, I even mentioned Souleyman to Loco Uno back when we were still a thing. You remember Loco Uno, right?


Boy those were crazy times!

Speaking of crazy times, you’re bound to have one at an Omar Souleyman party. Just listen to any one of his hundreds of albums recorded at various weddings and you’ll quickly realize why his presence was so coveted.

Of course, once news of Souleyman’s hypnotic blend of classic Middle Eastern music and modern electronic beats spread beyond the Syrian wedding circuit he was bound to find a much larger audience.

Much like former “Hear Them Now” pick Charles Bradley, even though he spent countless hours honing his live skills, it would be decades into his career before Souleyman would release his first official studio album. But it was definitely worth the wait.

Wenu Wenu, which was released last month, showcases the best that Souleyman has to offer. It’s a nonstop global dance party that makes me wish we still had a secret club in the office.

Give Wenu Wenu a try and then do yourself a favor and check out Souleyman live. You won’t be disappointed. Unless, of course, you hate music.

Let us know in the comments below which up and coming artist should be next week’s “Hear Them Now” pick!


One thought on “Hear Them Now: Omar Souleyman

  1. Zoey Mikayla A Coppa

    I believe Alex Day (aka Nerimon) should be the new up and coming artist because despite him having gotten to number four in the UK Charts and having nearly one million subscribers on YouTube HARDLY ANYONE KNOWS ABOUT HIM OR HIS MUSIC and, quite frankly, as much as I love introducing everyone to my British love, I would like to be able to hear him on the radio sometimes or see his CDs on the racks. He’s got music ranging from “I’ve Got Nothing” performed under the name Chartjackers, whom Idol would have loved, to Trock (Time Lord Rock) music that is right up Nerdcore’s alley!

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