YouTube Spotlight: Make Room For Roomie!!!

Not only does MyMusic blog reader Shannon Loves Glitter have an amazing name (I luv glitter 2!) she has also has great taste when it comes to music. She was awesome enough to suggest Roomie for this week’s YouTube Spotlight and I couldn’t have asked for a better pick!!!

Rocking a cute Shane Dawson haircut and upbeat attitude, Roomie is the best thing to come out of Sweden since the Swedish Chef!

The only thing better than Roomie’s incredible musical talent is the fact that he describes himself as a “big smelly dork” which reminds me a lot of Intern 2!

Roomie’s official YouTube channel has been around since 2010. Over the past three years he’s gotten close to 100,000 subscribers and 9 million views. Wow!

When it comes to covers, Roomie shines like Shannon’s glitter, especially when he collaborates with his friends. Last week he released a cover of Katy Perry’s “Roar” which features a bunch of cute boys dressed in animal costumes.

It’s pretty hard 2 beat that!

But my favorite Roomie song is an original called “Ugly” which tackles having issues with your appearance. It’s a catchy and uplifting song which definitely puts me in a good mood!!!

Roomie’s very active on Twitter and loves to interact with his fans. I would HIGHLY suggest sending him a tweet and letting him know you read about him in this very blog!

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