Youtube Spotlight: Three Cheers For The Gardiner Sisters!!!

The lovely ladies of Cimorelli aren’t the only super awesome siblings on YouTube. Sisters Mandi Gardiner, Hailey Gardiner, and Allie Gardiner, better known as the Gardiner Sisters, have earned over 200,000 subscribers on their channel by showcasing their amazing harmonies and inspiring attitudes!

The Gardiner Sisters started their channel all the way back in 2007 covering, of all people, Miley Cyrus. Let’s just say I don’t think they’ll be performing more Miley covers anytime soon!

These North Carolina natives like 2 keep things positive and family friendly. The sisters definitely know a thing or 2 about family being the oldest of 8 siblings!!!

They also definitely know how 2 make amazing music! With so many artists “cheating” in the studio 2 make their voices sound better, the Gardiner Sisters are definitely the real deal. Just listen 2 them live and hear 4 yourself!!!

That’s not to say the tremendous trio don’t shine in the studio. Earlier this year they released an incredible EP that not only shows off their vocal talents but also the sisters’ song writing skills. Lead single “One Man Show” even earned Hailey a second place finish in the 2012 National BMI Foundation Songwriting Competition! Way 2 go Hailey!!!

If u havent checked out the Gardiner Sisters yet, go do it!!! Then b sure to say hi to them on Twitter, and maybe, possibly add #MyMusic so they know we sent u!!!!

Help us decide who should be featured on our next YouTube Spotlight. Leave your suggestions in the comments below!


137 thoughts on “Youtube Spotlight: Three Cheers For The Gardiner Sisters!!!

  1. Beth Merch

    Wassup Scene? I have a quick question for you, because you’re hosting a Q&A ATM right? If so, do you ever read fan fiction about your favorite band members?

  2. pinkfloydfannn .

    Scene, I suggest you check out Throw the Fight and Stars in Stereo, they opened for Black Veil Brides and bullet For my Valentine two weeks ago in Lancaster, PA, they were AMAZING!

  3. Rebecca Ward

    Scene why don’t u take Jeff to the office for a day and see if indie likes him and then u can be at mymusic and hang with Jeff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope this works :)!

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