Bios are so mainstream. Anything you need to know about me you can find out on your own.
Howdy y'all! I'm so excited to join the staff! Now, where's the button for the internet?
It's hard to thrash and blog at the same time, but I do my best. Anything that gets me out of the house.
NERDFIGHTERS UNITE! It is I, Nerdcore, hardcore Whovian and Trekkie. SO GLAD TO BE BACK!
Techno & Dubstep
We can't write a preview right now, too busy dancing.
I love reality television and ANYTHING mainstream! Away from the office following my dreams for now.
I am so excited to be INTERNing at MyMUSIC and beINg a part of this AMAZEINg documentary!!!
Straight Edge
Consider myself 100% straight edge. I love gifs, eyeliners, and avatars, especially my own, MCR.
Intern 2
Hello. My name is, well, it doesn't matter. They just call me Intern 2 around here.
OMG I have a blog profile on the website!