Come Together: 5 Bands That Need 2 Reunite!!!

Inspired by this week’s announcement that hip hop icons Oukast will be reuniting for Coachella, the MyMusic staff chose to list their favorite bands that need to reunite ASAP. 2013 was certainly a big year for reunions (just ask Scene) and hopefully next year will be even more impressive!

Scene’s Pick: The Smiths

I decided to pick a band that was around before I was even born … The Smiths! They’ve inspired soooo many of my favorite bands plus Morrissey has the greatest hair EVER and Johnny Marr is an AMAZING guitarist. Every year there’s a rumor The Smiths will finally reunite. Hopefully one day that rumor will actually be true!

Metal’s Pick: Pantera

Of course, Dimebag Darrell will never be forgotten, but a reunion of the surviving members of Pantera would definitely kick ass. Recently, I’ve heard some rumblings that Zakk Wylde might attempt to fill Dimebag’s enormous crap kickers. Let’s make it happen, boys!

Indie’s Pick: Talking Heads

I know what you’re thinking, “Indie, how can you choose such a mainstream band?” Because they’re the greatest band that ever lived. Is that a good enough answer for you?

Techno & Dubstep’s Pick: Swedish House Mafia

Sure, they’ve only been broken up for a few months, but that’s a few months too many for Swedish House Mafia to be apart! Ultra will never be the same without them,

Hip Hop’s Pick: The Fugees

Come on, well all know that Ms. Lauryn Hill could use the money. And Pras too. Plus Wyclef needs to help us forget his last few solo efforts.

Which of the staff members’ picks would you like to see reunite? Let us know in the comments below.