Top Ten MyMusic Articles of 2013!

Hey y’all! As you may now, the year’s comin’ to a close which means the obligatory end of the year lists are bein’ shoved down everyone’s throat……….so we’ve made another one for ya! Thank y’all so much first and foremost for all the support y’all have given us on this website. We’ve all had a blast writin’ these articles and seein’ how y’all have responded to us. EMOTIONS ALERT! I’ll be fine I promise!

I’ve listed the top ten articles from this year based on a complicated algorithm that combines virality, number of comments, amount of likes, and a whole lotta other technical mumbo jumbo jargon to find the top ten articles of the year. Enjoy!

10. If You Just Tubed In: Get Lucky Remix! Mario Paint Style! by Techno & Dubstep

This was just soooooooo adorable and fun! Didn’t know videogames still looked so bad though! Didn’t the Playstation 9 just come out?


9. Bieber Promises To Break Hearts This Sunday by MEEEE!!!!

Woooh! I made number 9! Y’all read my article!!! Well, at least one.


8. Miley’s No Longer Engaged. So What? by Intern 2

Intern 2 with a Miley article? Ain’t it too early for April Fools?


7. Youtube Music Awards Nominations Announced!!! by Scene

Aaaaand here comes the Scene domination.



Scene again. Ain’t surprised though since she got to write an article on the biggest video of the year.


5. Five Fake Bands We Wish Were Real by MyMusic Staff

We all made it! Five of us at least.


4. Avril Lavigne Has A New Music Video? NOOOOO!! by Scene

Scene’s got some devoted fans!


3. Catching Fire Soundtrack Will Be Hotttttt! by Scene

Ok. Scene’s got some REALLY devoted fans.


2. One on One with The Famous DJ Elephant by MEEE AGAIN!

I MADE IT AGAIN!!! I was so proud of this interview! What a genuinely good elephant person man thingamaging!


1. Idol’s 2013 Live VMA Blog! by Idol

My identical cousin got number one article of the year! She really is the queen bee of blogging!

What were your favorite articles of the year? Let us know in the comments below!