VMAS: Hots and Nots!

Hey everyone! I’ve FINALLY found a place with peace and quiet, at least for now, from those awful buzzing and pounding noises coming from Techno and Dubstep’s office. It totally threw off my Tay Tay article, but I know how patient everyone has been for it so I’ve saved that one for later in the day. I promised you all my VMAs recap yesterday, but I seriously could not concentrate with all that jibber jabber coming from Techno and Dubstep (On top of that, those low calorie milkshakes I had during the live broadcast did NOT sit well with me the next day, but that’s a whole other story)

Anyways, this year’s VMAs lived up to its expectations and more, delivering another exciting show full of talent, tears, and twerking. Miley, JT, and Katy’s performances blew up Twitter, and people still can’t stop talking about it (Justin’s performance was oh-so fabulous)!  So, for all my fans, I’ve made a list of all things I loooooooved and the things I didn’t love as much from the awards show.


HOT: Lady Gaga’s Performance of Applause

Lady Gaga made a huuuge statement by opening the concert with her new single, “Applause,” and, girl, you bet I gave her a round of applause. OK, the weird concrete nun outfit in the beginning, along with her creepily staring into the camera was a bit much, but once the performance start, Gaga showed why she thinks she’s the queen of pop. She began stripping into different costumes from her past, each one giving me a bit of a scream, but would I expect any less from Gaga?



NOT: Robin Thicke’s Outfit

Robin. This was your big chance to show off Blurred Lines, even bringing on Miley Cyrus (whose performance I’m still processing), and you decided to borrow your outfit from the Hamburglar. Ew. Just. Ew.



HOT: Justin Timberlake Medley

OMG! The best 15 minutes I’ve had in like, FOREVER. Justin performed all his major hits and then some. I felt like at one point, he was going to play his entire discography (Bummer!). However, the biggest gasp of the medley was at the end when NSYNC appeared! Hah! Take that haters! I lost my voice and missed a majority of the NSYNC segment because of all my tears! Darn it, feelings!



NOT: Kanye West’s Creepy Performance

Is it Halloween already? It felt like it during Kanye’s performance of “Blood on the Leaves.” A creepy background along with some very awkward dance moves made this really just not as exciting as his last performances on the show. Kim!! What’s going on?!



Katy. Blew. My. Expectations. She performed under the Brooklyn Bridge in a boxing ring in front of all her screaming fans (JEALOUS!), and she ROCKED it! Her performance deserved the heavyweight belt because she completely overshadowed all the other performances of the night .(Ok Justin’s was amazing, but I’ll have to rewatch the NSYNC portion. This time with extra tissues.)



What did you all think of the performances? What was your personal favorite moment? Sound off in the comments below!