Another Disney Star Falls!

Looks like another one of the Disney angels fell while we were too busy scoffing at the lamely titled “Twerk Queen.”

Joe Jonas (who?) wrote a “shocking” essay “confessing” his past bad boy deeds.
“The funny one” took off that purity ring while no one was looking! Joe stated that he lost his virginity at 20 – Mazel Tov. *eyeroll*  – and admitted to hooking up with fans once in a while.
Meh, better than the Bieber ordeals we deal with today and much less boring.

JoeBro also spoke about the first time he smoked marijuana with none other than Demi Lovato, his brief Camp Rock fling and the epitome of human disappointment – Miley Cyrus.
Seems like the new Miley was just as “gangsta” as her Hannah days. Way to keep it real.

He claims Miley was the one who first proposed the idea of smoking weed… shocker.
Peer pressure is bad, kids. At the very least don’t have terrible taste in role models.

Jonas also mentions the struggle with maintaining the Disney image and the lack of creative freedom he and his brothers dealt with.

I bother mentioning this ridiculous, unimportant piece of “news” by the has-been heartthrob, because recently, ANOTHER ex-Disney star commented on Jonas’s confessions, and I actually agree with him. (A rare moment for all of us, I know.) Dylan Sprouse called Jonas out on his essay. Sprouse, who had his share of fame in Adam Sandler movies and a Disney channel show around the same time the Jonas Brothers were (apparently) “relevant”, thinks Joe’s article is “B.S.”
He is quoted saying “If they wanted too, they could have told Disney ‘NO’ and “”You do not have to become something else to be successful.”

Dylan now attends NYU and is double majoring in studio art and poetry. Culkin.