Beyonce Makes Everyone Feel Beautiful

Beyonce, perhaps the most powerful woman in the R&B world (Or as I like to call it, the R&Bey world), has been keeping her fans on edge with her new album just on the horizon. If she gets any songs on it that get me up and runnin’ like that SIngle Ladies song of hers did, it’ll be a miracle. Mostly because I’m still in this wheelchair and haven’t had the ability to get up and runnin’ for a couple of weeks. Regardless, I still got faith in the Queen Bee.

Wait no longer though BeyBey fans, Mrs. Carter just released a trailer for her documentary “Life Is But A Dream,” and on it gave everyone a sample of her new track, “God Made You Beautiful.” Lemme tell you though, I can’t recount how many men have told me the exact lines of of the title of the song (although I remember it working every time). What I can say is that God DEFINITELY made Bey on to the Ce a beautiful voice.

You can hear the ballad before and don’t be alarmed if you get blown away because gosh darn it, girls workin’ her pipes like she was playin’ a level of Super Mario Brothers. ( I’m sure Nerdcore will love that line). What do y’all think about the song sinppet itself? Gettin’ y’all excited for her album? I know I CAN’T wait!