Yo, Justin Bieber recently released a VERY disappointing pic on his Instagram page. I ain’t about that selfie Instagram pic life, but this news got me interested. Interested in the wrong way. Bieber took a picture of himself next to what seems to be the script for the upcoming superhero film, Batman vs. Superman. Rumors are going around that he may have been picked for the role of “Robin,” the softest superhero in the DC Universe. Why do I care? I ain’t no nerd!

Well, first of all, Batman and Superman are too dope to be nerdy. I mean Batman is stacking millions up in the Wayne Mansion during the day and stacking bodies on the streets at night. Plus, his gadgets are tight! Can’t forget about my boy, Superman, who shoots lasers out of his eyes. You heard what I said. Homeboy shoots lasers out his eyes! Plus he flies which is what gangsters do. Yeah, I said it, gangsters fly. You ever see me walk? I’ll wait.

Anyways, Justin Bieber as Robin not only would be a terrible pick, but it almost guarantees that the movie will end with him singing one of his stupid songs and everybody busting out into a dance. Don’t lie! You were thinking the same thing and were making the same sour face that I was when you thought of it. Nobody wants that wack stuff!

Other rumors suggest that it may actually just a viral pic for a Funny Or Die parody according to a recent tweet from Bieber saying this:

“Off to do something funny or…die :).”

Now this is probably a good confirmation that he’s NOT playing Robin. Although, he might be doing a little double time on us and is actually be playing him and trying to throw us all off. You sneaky Bieber! We’re onto you!