Billie Joe Armstrong, Norah Jones Unite for Covers Album

I don’t know why, but Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones have teamed up on an Everly Brothers cover album. Well that certainly sounds like a fun collaboration!

The duo decided to take on the bros’ classic album Songs Our Daddy Taught Us, but Billie Joe and Norah chose to call their version Foreverly. How cute!

While Billie Joe and Norah seem like a bizarre pair it makes perfect sense. Billie Joe has been expanding his musical horizons since he became involved with bringing American Idiot to Broadway.

And fans of Ted are certainly aware that Norah’s no stranger to working with interesting men.

My daddy was a HUGE fan of the Everly Brothers and used to play their albums all the time. Here’sa little medley of their hits, many I hope you’ll recognize:

Foreverly is scheduled to hit stores stores November 25. I’m definitely adding it to my holiday shopping list!

Do you think Billie Joe and Norah will make a good team? Let us know in the comments below!