Chris Brown or better known to me as the Human Head Shake must be allergic to staying out of trouble. There’s no other explanation possible. This isn’t a parody or a publicity stunt. Chris Brown is arrested. AGAIN.

Earlier this morning, Chris Brown and his bodyguard were arrested in Washington D.C. and charged with felony assault. Apparently, Chris Brown and his bodyguard had a physical altercation with a man in front of the W Hotel, that left the victim bloodied, but, as the police described, still alive. Just to add more icing to this disastrous  cake, Chris Brown is still serving probation for ANOTHER felony assault which you’re all probably aware of.

Not even gathering all the Dragonballs and wishing his past to be erased would save Chris Brown now. Right now, he’s sitting in a jail cell (apparently for the whole day and night as well), probably hoping he’ll get another chance. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the perfect portrait of a dwindling career along with:

-His recent movie just flopped.

-Album pushbacks

-Low single and album sales

-Hasn’t had a #1 album since 2007

-Planned to quit music because no one wanted to buy his albums or take him seriously.

The list goes on and on. The victim has already announced he’s pressing charges so more details will be surfacing shortly.Time to bust out that retirement plan, Chris.