Coachella Lineup Revealed to Be Meh!

It’s official: This year’s Coachella lineup is yet again awash in mediocrity.

Let’s start with Friday headliners Outkast. Sure it will be fun to watch Big Boi and Andre 3000 perform together again … until you hear the opening notes of “Hey Ya” and remember how much you hate that song.

Then there’s Muse, who get top billing on Saturday. I’m completely baffled by the appeal of these losers. Symphonic prog rock wasn’t cool 30 years ago so why is it suddenly cool now?

My old friends Arcade Fire will be headlining Sunday. Yes, Reflektor has grown on me, but do Arcade Fire really deserve headliner status for the biggest musical festival in the country?

Of course, with three days of music, there’s bound to be some bright spots, most notably The Replacements’ appearance on Friday. Readers of this blog are well aware of my ‘Mats fandom, but knowing the Coachella crowd, I’m sure most of the attendees will end of flocking to the dance tent to watch some half-assed EDM DJ and miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime.

For every Neutral Milk Hotel and Flume this year, there’s a Naked and the Famous and Foster the People.

Word of advice, hold out a few months when the good bands will be touring on their own and check them out for $20 in a small club instead of dropping $300 to be trapped amongst a pack of neanderthal meatheads while baking under the desert sun.

Check out the full lineup below and judge for yourself:

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