Well, well, well. I guess every man does have a breaking point. The ordinarily Mr. Suave Justin Timberlake broke character in a recent interview for GQ magazine as their voted Man of the Year. As a side note, I don’t really agree about him winning Man of the Year though. I mean the guys three chromosomes away from being a Muppet, not to mention I’m pretty sure he had a large part in on of the worst musical fads in the history of music: boy bands. Ugh.

Anyways back to the guy. Justin apparently has been getting some strong feelings over the immense and deserved bashing for his latest movie, “Runner Runner,” and the lukewarm reception for the 20/20 Part Who Cares. Even though the guy won Man of the Year, which is a pretty badass accomplishment, he felt like he HAD to complain about the way the critic’s received his movie and album. It’s wasn’t little schoolyard complaining either. It was full blown metacular, expletive-heavy complaining. Wooh! Pretty gnarly!

Seriously though, everyone’s always drooling over this guy, including my daughter, so he’s kind of like that kid in class who always gets A’s and then on his first B+ thinks the Apocalypse is approaching. Get over it Timberlake. Some people aren’t going to like everything you like and not everyone agrees with all your musical choices. Get over it and move on. Sheesh. Critics still suck though, so I agree with him on that at least.