Daily Roundup: 1D Goes Straight to the Top!!!

(VIA RAYNA) One Direction earned their third consecutive number one album, selling 546,000 copies of Midnight Memories! It’s the first time a group’s first three albums topped the charts since 1967!!! [Billboard]

Gucci Mane could be headed to prison for 20 years due to felony gun charges. At least he’ll always have ice cream. [CNN]

(VIA INDIE) Billy Joel will begin a potentially permanent Madison Square Garden residency next month. Looks like MSG will finally be home to something worse than the Knicks. [EW]

Lorde unveiled her latest video. It looks like even she was getting sick of “Royals.” [YouTube]

(VIA NERDCORE) Only 4500 people showed up to Kanye’s show last night Kansas City’s Sprint Center. I guess people from KC aren’t a fan of geniuses. [KCStar]