Daily Roundup: ‘Beyoncé’ Banned by Target!

(VIA COUNTRY) If you’re planning on picking up Beyoncé’s new album at Target, don’t bother. Apparently they’re afraid that downloading music might become a trend. Seriously??? [HuffPo]

It’s not like Beyonce needs the help. As expected, Beyoncé debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. [Billboard]

(VIA INDIE) There’s a new Robin Thicke video. I’ll make sure Intern 2 burns it before he leaves. [YouTube]

Angel Haze defied her record label and leaked her new album. Way to stick it to the man! [CoS]

(VIA METAL) Is Megadeath releasing a Chirstmas album? No, thank Satan. But this is pretty funny. And there’s an appearance from that hipster girl Indie’s always blabbering on about. [Hulu]