Daily Roundup: ‘Chinese Food’ Makes Us Sick

So this happened yesterday. And that’s all we have to say about that. [YouTube]

(VIA COUNTRY) The new Britney Spears album will officially be titled Britney Jean and is set for release December 3. Love it! [EW]

Over on iTunes, Katy Perry is offering 90-second snippets of every song off Prism. Always such a tease, Katy. [MTV]

(VIA INDIE) Arcade Fire announced tour dates in Los Angeles and Miami. Additionally, they’ll be performing at Neil Young’s Bridge School Benefit and are rumored to be playing “secret” club shows in Brooklyn. Pass. [RS]

A tweet from Rihanna led to the arrest of a man in Thailand. This is the third arrest in Thailand that stemmed from a Rihanna tweet. So if anybody has any friends or co-workers in Thailand, tell them to stay far far away from Ri Ri. [Time]