Daily Roundup: Chris Brown Back In Rehab … Again!!!

(VIA NERDCORE) Chris Brown was ordered to spend additional 90 days in rehab after he smashed his mother’s car during his last rehab stint. When does deportation become an option? [CNN]

Looks like Oasis won’t be reuniting for their 20th anniversary. That news might be even less shocking than Chris Brown’s return to rehab. [Billboard]

(VIA COUNTRY) Justin TImberlake told SiriusXM that he would consider adding country music to his repertoire. I fully support that decision, JT. Especially if it will take time away from your acting! [NME]

Ever wonder what your favorite deceased rock stars would looks like if they were alive? Well these graphic designers might have the answers. [Sachs]

(VIA INDIE) All time greats Television will be performing two hometown shows at New York’s Bowery Ballroom. Now that’s Television worth watching. [SPIN]