Daily Roundup: Chris Brown hits … the studio with Drake

[VIA NERDCORE] Last night on his Facebook account, Chris Brown posted a photo and video of himself and former rival Drake collaborating in the studio. The post has since been removed. C’mon Drake, I know you’re better than this. You gotta stand up to a bully, not join forces with him! [Billboard]

In an interview with “Vanity Fair,” Mia Farrow revealed that her son Ronan, whose father was previously believed to be Woody Allen, may actually be the son of Frank Sinatra. I guess old people have TMZ problems too. Somebody call Maury! [USAToday]

[VIA COUNTRY] Kings of Leon debuted songs off their new album, “Mechanical Bull,” during a rare intimate show at Chicago’s House of Blues. They had me at mechanical bull! [CoS]

As a thank you to her 10 million followers on Twitter, Ariana Grande leaked her previously unreleased song “Pink Champagne.” No, Ariana, thank YOU! [YouTube]

Sinead O’Connor (remember her? Not likely.) wrote an open letter to Miley Cyrus, warning her, “you will obscure your talent by allowing yourself to be pimped.” She’s right, Miley. You need to be careful. For instance, don’t let a washed up singer use your current notoriety in a desperate move to get back in the spotlight. That is just wrong.  [RS]