Daily Roundup: HAIM & Lorde Make Sweet Music Together!!!

(VIA SCENE) HAIM and Lorde joined forces 2 cover Sheryl Crow’s “Strong Enough.” I give the performance 100 awesome faces!!! [CoS]

Miley Cyrus will be taking over MTV in celebration of her 21st birthday. Do we really need another reason not to watch MTV? [EW]

(VIA INDIE) Beck will release his first album in six years sometime in February. I am content. [SPIN]

Amy Winehouse’s dad denied rumors that a biopic about her daughter is in the works. They tried to make an Amy Winehouse movie but he said no, no, no. [HuffPo]

(VIA TECHNO & DUBSTEP) Deadmau5 will be launching his own music subscription service. Where do Dubstep and I sign up??? [NME]