Daily Roundup: Kanye and Kimmel to Settle Beef Tonight

(VIA NERDCORE) Kanye West will appear on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” tonight to settle his infamous (and possibly fake) Twitter feud with Jimmy Kimmel. Hopefully they will keep things civil. Just kidding, I hope it gets crazy up in there! Up in there! [HR]

(VIA COUNTRY) I need to give Jimmy Fallon some props, despite the pain I’m suffering typing with two broken arms! He got Miley Cyrus to perform an A capella version of “We Can’t Stop” on “Late Night” with him and The Roots and she didn’t have to do anything weird. Kudos, Mr. Fallon! [YouTube]

Justin Timberlake earned his second no. 1 album of the year with The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2. At least the album’s success will distract everyone from the failure of his terrible movie with Ben Affleck. Stick to singing, JT! [Billboard]

Phoenix performed a surprise concert in a Austin, Texas high school gym. Thankfully, the band didn’t get pelted with dodge balls. [Spin]

Producer Robin Skouteris created a Miley-Sinead mashup, And it is genius! [Vimeo]