Daily Roundup: Madonna performs puke-worthy cover

[VIA INDIE] Madonna disgraced the legacy of the late great Elliot Smith by performing a cover of his song “Behind Bars” at the premiere of some lame short film she produced. Ugh! Can someone grab my vomit mug? [YouTube]

Kurt Cobain’s mother is selling her son’s childhood home. So if you’re considering moving to Aberdeen, Washington and have $500,000 to spare this just might be your lucky day! [CBS]

[VIA IDOL] Picking up where Paul McCartney left off, Justin Timberlake rocked the bodies of thousands of fans during his mini-concert on Hollywood Boulevard for “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” If you’re reading this JT, always remember you can rock MY body anytime, anyplace, anywhere! [EW]

According to Daniel Radcliffe, Daniel Radcliffe will not be playing Freddie Mercury in the Queen frontman’s long awaited biopic. Sacha Baron Cohen (who would have perfect for the part) previously turned down the role after clashing over the script with Mercury’s surviving bandmates. With his perfectly trimmed moustache and fondness for bicycles we’d officially like to nominate Indie for the role!  [NME]

Rapper Jay-Z will be collaborating with department store Barneys for a limited edition holiday collection. This doesn’t come as surprise considering Hova’s motto: Money, cash ho, ho hos!!! [HuffPo]

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