Daily Roundup: New Britney Album Streaming Now!

(VIA COUNTRY) Attention! iTunes alert! Britney Spears’ new album Britney Jean is now streaming! [iTunes]

Apparently Kim Karshdashian enjoyed watching Seth Rogen mock her in the “Bound 2” spoof video he made with James Franco. Finally, we have something in common with her. [TMZ]

(VIA NERDCORE) Eminem’s boyhood home was demolished after recently catching on fire. Like I predicted, that’s straight outta Forrest Gump! [SPIN]

Miley Cyrus makes an appearance in will.i.am’s video for “Feelin Herself” where she raps about “popping molly.” Guess her boring cat phase was short lived. [YouTube]

(VIA INDIE) I was delighted to hear that Omar Souleyman will be playing the Nobel Peace Prize Concert. Unfortunately, James Blunt will also be performing. Why do you always have to ruin everything, Blunt! [NME]