Daily Roundup: Oh, Harry!!!

(VIA RAYNA) Rumors continue to circulate that Kendall Jenner is dating Harry Styles. Ugh, Harry, you can do so much better. Specifically I’m talking about me. [MTV]

In other Kardashian news, Kim is not a Hobbit according to a former gay fish. [SouthPark]

(VIA SCENE) Coldplay’s “Atlas,” featured in the greatest movie ever made, was nominated for a Golden Globe! [GoldenGlobes]

Not content with his three bands, Damon Albarn is finally releasing a solo album. [YouTube]

(VIA NERDCORE) The Dr. Funkenberry blog is reporting that Prince will be appearing as himself on the Super Bowl Sunday episode of “New Girl.” Today isn’t April 1st, right? [Dr. F]