Daily Roundup: OMG It’s 2014!!!

Let’s kick off the New Year with an all YouTube edition of the Daily Roundup!!!

(VIA COUNTRY) Lady Gaga released the studio version of her “Do What U Want” remix. Let me tell u, Christina Aguilera is no R. Kelly, and that’s definitely a good thing! [YouTube]

Miley ended 2013 on a relatively time note. Is this a sign of things to come? [YouTube]

(VIA SCENE) Ke$ha’s “Dirty Love” video unfortunately lives up to its name. She might just out-Miley Miley in 2014. [YouTube]

Foster the People has a new single. Are you sure we didn’t just go back in time? [YouTube]

(VIA INDIE) My favorite thing about Rainn Wilson’s interview with Win Butler is Wilson’s epic beard. Sorry folks, Dwight Schrute is officially dead.[YouTube]